Sunday, June 30, 2013

September exam

  • Technological Processes
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Graphic Expression
  • Materials
  • Electricity
  • Structures
  • Project
Remember you will find everything:
  • On the right (lessons)

  • On the top (interactive activities and games)

Don't forget to bring your technical drawing equipment!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Your video-Projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the videos of your robots RUNNING? Please, send them by email (video or link).

This PhotoPeaches have been DONE BY THE STUDENTS!

Robot!!!! on PhotoPeach -
1st C: Ignacio Z. - Bilal E. - Héctor L. - Miguel G.

Photos form our Project in Technology on PhotoPeach
1st A: Miguel F. - Carlos T. - Guillermo G. - David S. - Jaime F. - Fabián M.

The making of PullBee on PhotoPeach
1st A: Carolina M, Andrea P, Mariana S, Inés A, Sandra R, Andrea B 

and a Prezi slideshow too!

Robot on PhotoPeach
1st B: Manuel del A. - Pablo Bra. - Hugo C. - Guillermo A. - Nahúm C.

Making of our robot on PhotoPeach
1st A: Lucía C. - Macarena F. - Paula H. - Lucía I. - Inés M.

Video: tinning and soldering
1st B: Marta V. - Jose María V. - Lucía G. - Claudia L. - Laura G. - Ana C.
The robot on PhotoPeach

Tecnologies robot on PhotoPeach

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Your robots!

Disaster in the workshop
"When we heard: We are going to make a robot! We all thought wow!, that sounds like we are going to have a lot of fun and when Rosa explained us how to make the robot we all thought that's really easy so we started the robot.
The first days we were making the robot everything was going excellent but after about two weeks disasters started happening:
First the On-Off switch broke so we had to look for a new one, after some days se finally found one but all the wires on our robot have fallen so we had to start all over again.
When we had nearly finished the aluminium plate which hold the motor fell out of place so we had to take the wires out to finally get the plate back on its place.
When we finally fixed everything and put the wires on their correct places, our robot didn't move so we had to look for the problema and fix it.
So you might think building a robot it's easy but actually it isn't"
Macarena F. 1st ESO A. June 2013 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Final exams, for those who failed Technologies, will take place in the Technologies workshop next
Wednesday, 19th - 8:30 - 10:00 h.

Here you are the lists with the students that will have to attend the exam.
If you are not in the "blacklist", your marks will only depend on the robot and the technical report.
1st term
2nd term
3rd term
1st A (29  students)
Lucía C.
Do this exam!
Do this exam!
Jaime F.
Do this exam!
Lucía I.
Do this exam!
Inés M.
Do this exam!
1st term
2nd term
3rd term
1st B (26 students)
Ana C.
Do this exam!
Juan V.
Do this exam!
1st term
2nd term
3rd term
1st C (13 students)
Mª Ängeles C.
Do this exam!
Do this exam!
Do this exam!
Bilal E.
Do this exam!
Miguel G.
Do this exam!
Carla V.
Do this exam!
Steven V.
Do this exam!
I hope this blacklist turns into a 'White list', I don't want you to come back in September!

1st term:  Technological Processes - Computers - Graphic Expression - Project
2nd term: Graphic Expression - Materials - Electricity - Project
3rd term:  Electricity II- Materials II - Structures - Internet - Project

Don't forget to bring your technical drawing equipment!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Technical Report


The technical report should include the following ítems:

0. Cover
Attractive cover with the names and course of the team.

1. Index

2. Introduction. Definition of the problem.
Design and manufacture an antiobstacle robot to be an insect. Explain the Project.

3. Insect Design.
3.1. Possible solutions (sketches). Insect sketches (choose the best ones). Authors.
3.2. Decision matrix (finalists insects sketches). Authors.
3.3. Final design (detailed sketch). Drawings and views of final insect. Authors.

4. Approach to construction.
4.1. Job distribution. Roles.
4.2. List of materials. Author.
4.3. Views of two important components (motor and SPDT swich). Choose the best ones in your team. Authors.
4.4. List of tools. Author.
4.5. Safe and health instructions. Author.
4.6. Clean instructions. Author.
4.7. Budget. You will not have this section.

5. Manufacturing
5.1. Diagram: circuit of the robot. Detail the color of each connection and who made it. Author.
5.2. Plan view of the robot with the connections (real positions in your robot). Author.
5.3. Manufacturing development: problems and difficulties found. Modifications of the original design. Incidents and accidents. Authors.
5.4. Construction Diary. Author.

6. Final Results and evaluation.
6.1. Results achieved: including pictures of the object and a description of it. Author.
6.2. Digital information about the Project: videos and pictures (YouTube and Photopeach links - no faces allowed, if you are there, edit the pictures and place a "monster" on your faces). Authors.
6.3. Evaluation: use a matrix to evaluate the members of the group (% each).

Of course, you can modify and adapt this index.

  • Next week (10-14th) - We are going to continue finishing the robot, taking the final pictures... 
  • Monday 17th - Robots should be finished to show everybody.
  • Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th - You can give me the final technical report finished and printed.
On Wednesday 19th (final exams for those who have faild one or more Technologies terms) will be the LAST DAY to give me the technical report printed.