Project Description

The project we are going to do this course (1st ESO) is a very simple one: BEETLEBOT. Click see Beetlebot to see how we are going to work on it.

These videos are only an example of the amazing machines we are going to design and build. Do you dare?

And our robot is going to be... AN INSECT !

So, you will have to be creative and design your own INSECT!


Here you have the first prototype that the Technology Team has built to check that everything works (Do you remember the CHECK stage in a technological process?). You will see the pictures placed in ortographic projection (front view, left and right side views and plan view):

And here it is the prototype running!:

Of course, when the robot dresses up with the insect designed it will not run so fast (well, it will depend on the materials you use). So you will have to think a lot about your design, the materials you are going to choose, sizes...


  1. 1,5Volts motors
  2. SPDT switchs
  3. AA or AAA battery holder
  4. 22 gauge wire
  5. Paper clips, big and small
  6. Plastic or wooden pearl
  7. Heat shrink that will fit over the motor shaft
  8. Aluminum plate
  9. Simple little switch
  10. Terminal connectors

We have used three batteries instead of two, 3 V instead of 1,5 V.

Vídeo bajo licencia:
Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 3.0 España License.


  1. Hello rosa when we are going to have the first exam ??????

    1. We will talk about it next week.

    2. November the 7th. Technologies Processes and Computers. Please, do not study the lesson by heart!

  2. why you said to study Project if it don't put games?

    1. I told you to review everything, of course, the games and activities you find on the top of the blog, but the lessons too. Project has vocabulary...


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