Sunday, June 16, 2013

Your robots!

Disaster in the workshop
"When we heard: We are going to make a robot! We all thought wow!, that sounds like we are going to have a lot of fun and when Rosa explained us how to make the robot we all thought that's really easy so we started the robot.
The first days we were making the robot everything was going excellent but after about two weeks disasters started happening:
First the On-Off switch broke so we had to look for a new one, after some days se finally found one but all the wires on our robot have fallen so we had to start all over again.
When we had nearly finished the aluminium plate which hold the motor fell out of place so we had to take the wires out to finally get the plate back on its place.
When we finally fixed everything and put the wires on their correct places, our robot didn't move so we had to look for the problema and fix it.
So you might think building a robot it's easy but actually it isn't"
Macarena F. 1st ESO A. June 2013 

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