Monday, June 17, 2013

Your video-Projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the videos of your robots RUNNING? Please, send them by email (video or link).

This PhotoPeaches have been DONE BY THE STUDENTS!

Robot!!!! on PhotoPeach -
1st C: Ignacio Z. - Bilal E. - Héctor L. - Miguel G.

Photos form our Project in Technology on PhotoPeach
1st A: Miguel F. - Carlos T. - Guillermo G. - David S. - Jaime F. - Fabián M.

The making of PullBee on PhotoPeach
1st A: Carolina M, Andrea P, Mariana S, Inés A, Sandra R, Andrea B 

and a Prezi slideshow too!

Robot on PhotoPeach
1st B: Manuel del A. - Pablo Bra. - Hugo C. - Guillermo A. - Nahúm C.

Making of our robot on PhotoPeach
1st A: Lucía C. - Macarena F. - Paula H. - Lucía I. - Inés M.

Video: tinning and soldering
1st B: Marta V. - Jose María V. - Lucía G. - Claudia L. - Laura G. - Ana C.
The robot on PhotoPeach

Tecnologies robot on PhotoPeach

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