Monday, December 17, 2012

Measuring with a ruler and a caliper

Measuring with a ruler:

Measuring with a caliper:

  • Photocopy using a caliper. When finished and corrected, stick it in your notebook.
  • Calibre, in First, go to "Estudio", then do the "Tests".
  • Now you are ready to do the following task:

1,5Volts motor and an SPDT (single pole double throw) switch with a metal lever
  1. Perspective views > Measure the pieces and take notes over your sketches.
  2. Views > Dimmension the views of the pieces over the sketches. Remember you must not repeat dimmensions.
  3. Finally, you will have to create a FAIR COPY (use rulers, compass, 2H pencil, black feltpen) of the views with dimmensions. Use an appropriate scale for your drawings.
Do a good job. These documents will be part of your final Technical Report!


  1. Helo rosa how and what we have to study the tecnologies exam?

    1. interactive activities:


      more theory in the presentation page 27...

      all you have done with views in sheets of paper and should be in your notebook.

  2. thank you rosa


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