Wednesday, March 1, 2017

COSPACES - Virtual world


¿Qué es realidad virtual?
Pixabay Public Domain

Link to open example on a new tab

Do you want to open it on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet)? Use this QR code:  Use the email and password provided by your teacher.

Create your own virtual reality worlds (build three-dimensional models) with the CoSpaces web application and then, you will be able to experience them with the CoSpaces mobile app. Fun, simple and free.
  1. Gallery of examplesGo to the gallery and take a look to several projects in order to inspire you.
  2. Teams of 3 or 4 students. 
  3. Planify your virtual world. You can work in a collaborative way on the same project on different scenes and even on the same scene.
  4. Tutorials: Find video tutorials on Cospace youtube chanel for specific tasks.
  5. Voice: To record your voices use Online voice recorder.
  6. Music: To upload music (.mp3 files) use Jamendo (Creative Commons music).
  7. Programming. To program we will use Blockly which is a Visual Programming editor by Google that is integrated in CoSpaces. It lets you drag and drop blocks to generate executible code. Here you have code games in Blockly.

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