Friday, January 11, 2013

Hundreds of insects in my house!

Thanks God they are made out of PENCIL on a PAPER! Sketches and more sketches! Congratulations, you've done a very good job!

These are only some of them (one sheet of paper from each student - they have four or five pages each!):

INSECTS - 1ST A on PhotoPeach

 INSECTS - 1st B on PhotoPeach

INSECTS - 1st C on PhotoPeach


  1. hi rosa i cant find the things (lines circles...) cold you tell me where is it to doid again to give it to you

    1. It's Visual Arts!

  2. hi rosa i want to study for the exm the views but i cany find could you tell me were is it please
    please dont publish
    this thanks

    1. Why? It is not private. If you want an answer...
      interactive activities:


      more theory in the presentation page 27...

      all you have done with views in sheets of paper and should be in your notebook.


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