Saturday, October 13, 2012


There are four types of signs:

Mandatory signs:
Tell you to use the correct type of protection to avoid accidents. This protection is obligatory. >BLUE CIRCLES

Danger (hazard):
Warn of possible dangers when you use certain materials or tools. >YELLOW TRIANGLES

First aid and Emergency:
Help and give information about first aid and equipment and emergency exits. > IN GREEN and IN RED FOR FIRE

Forbid certain activities that put your health and others' health at risk. >RED CIRCLES WITH A LINE THROUGH THE PICTURE


  1. I just do the 15 minutes with out energy, it was so difficult. I told to my brother that if he could play cards with me. He said no so i play on my own

    1. Late... but, ok, Laura G. 1st B? It would have been better to do it the correct article.


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